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A Full Colour and Make-up Analysis £180.00  (or A simple Colour analysis - no make-up - £160.00)

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A Full Colour and Make-up Analysis  £180.00 - Allow 2 hrs for this life-changing and empowering consultation which begins with an analysis of your best dominant colour type, using specially selected coloured collars and drapes.   Then, having discussed your style personality and lifestyle, I will give you a professional make-up with step-by-step guidance for both an everyday make-up as well as one for special occasions.  Finally, we will run through all your own very specific colours making notes of those which suit you best - so you know how to combine those colours to make the most of your lifestyle and wardrobe.  Your consultation takes place in my Highgate studio, which is also my home.  The whole experience is a fantastic confidence builder.  Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm.


Both include a  'Colour Me Beautiful' wallet of 42 colour swatches.

Make-up Lesson £75.00

A 'Colour Me Beautiful' Make-up Lesson £75.00 - Allow 1 hour for this make-up experience.  I am trained in advanced make-up skills and will enjoy passing on my tips to you so you will learn how to wear make-up which will really enhance your skin tones, eye colour, hair style and lifestyle.   Using shades from the ever-popular range of beauty products from 'Colour Me Beautiful', we will select a look which you will really like and make you look and feel fantastic!  


Includes a beauty book, which we will fill in together (so you won’t forget anything) and  a lipstick or lip gloss of your choice.

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A Style & Image Consultation £200.00

A Style & Image Consultation £200.00 - Can be taken separately or at the same time as your full colour and make-up  analyisis.  Develop a fresh new look – learn how to select styles that suit your lifestyle, personality and flatter your body shape, in this half-day consultation.  We will work together discussing your proportions, body-shape and style personality while completing a style workbook (or capsule wardrobe book).  You will learn how to dress appropriately and with confidence whether it’s for business or a social occasion.  Bringing items from your wardrobe will help you see for yourself why some clothes suit you as well as why some do not – no matter what you wear with them or how much they cost…  I will also run through a current fashion update so you know exactly what’s in the shops, the styles that will suit you and where to go to suit your budget.


Includes a Workbook, a Fashion Update presentation, a copy of 'Colour me Beautiful', the CMB book for women.

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A Colour and Image Consultation £400.00

Image Consultation  £400.00 -  A 4-hour consultation which will suit someone who wants to know their best colours, their best make-up look and needs confirmation of their body shape and how to wear their best styles.  Includes an analysis of your best dominant colour type, a professional make-over using shades and tones to suit your colouring type, and an image consultation which will explain why certain styles suit your personality, body-shape and proportions.


Includes a copy of  the book 'Colour Me Beautiful', the CMB book for woman, a wallet of 42 colour swatches and knowledge about yourself to last a lifetime !

 Please see happy clients testimonials!


N.B Any of these consultations may be taken together or separately and can be tailor-made to suit your budget.

Angi jones

Style & Colour Consultant

Knowing the colours, shades and styles that suit you will make buying clothes and make-up a delight, not a chore, and an initial investment will save you many expensive mistakes in the years to come.  The consultations below give an idea of what I can offer.  However, I also tailor-make corporate packages - parties – or special gifts - using colour, style and make-up.   My consultations are always fun, interesting, enlightening, and will change your life, improve your wardrobe, as well as saving you lots of money!  All of these consultations may be adjusted to suit your needs and your budget.

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