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About Angi Jones


My background was in modeling and fashion, but after bringing up my family, I was asked to join the conference team at Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs.  This then led me into fundraising with many national charitable organizations and finally to ASPIRE, raising funds to help people with spinal cord injury, where I was head of fundraising and I am now honoured to be a vice-president.  


I'm proud to have recently edited a book for ASPIRE, called 'It's My Life'.   I interviewed people who had suffered a spinal cord injury and then wrote up their inspirational stories.   You can buy it on Amazon, or order it from Aspire, but most importantly it is available free to all patients on every spinal injury unit in Great Britain to give inspiration to those recently injured and bring hope to their families.


For many years I wanted to train with 'Colour Me Beautiful', and when an opportunity came up I did!  Subsequently, I have become one of their top, award-winning, consultants.   It is rewarding work knowing that individual and corporate clients as diverse as presenters from BBC, ITV and BBC Radio, chairmen of major city firms, voluntary sector personnel, teachers, doctors, writers, journalists, lawyers, groups from the NHS and BT and the government have all enjoyed and benefited from my professional and creative consultations.  


I also frequently see small groups for social occasions.  One memorable day I gave a colour consultancy to a granny, her daughter and her  two grand-daughters.  Another time, a party for six teenage girls; I also see an increasing number of men of all ages - everyone learning something about themselves whether it is through colour, make-up or discovering their own style personality.


I am grateful to all my clients for choosing to come to see me, and delighted that many of them have become good friends, as well as referring me to their own friends, colleagues and family.  After such a varied career, this is a job I truly love!

I am also Vice President of Aspire, the spinal cord injury charity.  

Max Forsythe took this picture of me with John Inverdale for the book I wrote 'It's My Life'.

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Angi and John Inverdale250


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