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A Full Image Consultancy will help you understand the importance of  that first  impression you give to people.  You will really enjoy learning about the colours which suit you best as well as understanding your individual style personality.  


The consultation also covers body shape, proportions and grooming.  There is also the added avantage you will have over your friends and colleagues in understanding colour psychology.  Why does red give you energy, but may also appear aggressive?  Why are lighter green and blue colours calming and darker blue colours more authoritative?  How can you use this knowledge in everyday life?  A great confidence buider in every way.

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Total Personal Image For Men £350 or 
Colour analysis £175
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Personal Image For Men £350.00  - A complete image & colour consultation in one session lasting around 2/3 hours.


You will receive advice on colour, style, skincare and wardrobe planning and together we’ll discuss how best to dress appropriately for work and leisure.  


The consultation benefits from your bringing some specific items of clothing from your wardrobe and will help you shop efficiently and quickly .  Afterwards, you can book a personal shopping trip to build the perfect capsule wardrobe.


Includes a wallet with your best 42 colour swatches, examples of shirt and suiting swatches, plus a copy of Image Matters', the CMB book for men


A Colour Analysis £175.00 - An efficient and simple one hour's consultation twhen you're shown  the colours which suit you best.  Includes a wallet with your 42 best colours swatches and advice on how best to co-ordinate them.

Personal Shopping £150 per hour

Personal Shopping £150 per hour - After completing a shopping wish list, and establishing a budget, we will meet for a minimum of two hours efficient shopping!


I will have a tempting selection from your wish list ready for you.  You will also be able to choose from around the store and  I will be there to help you to achieve the new look you want - or just to replenish a tired wardrobe.  


Please see happy clients' testimonials !

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