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Let me help you find your best lipstick shade
This is mine!
CMB's best seller, Coral
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 GOLD Award-winning 'Colour Me Beautiful'  Image consultant
This is a very recent letter from a client and her words say it all...


"Dear Angi,

The makeover I had with you changed my life - no exaggeration, and my wardrobe is a kaleidoscope compared to the gloomy black I used to wear. The final exit of all my black, was a holiday a few years ago. At the time, all my clothes were black and cool and because I wore them so seldom, I thought it wouldn’t matter. But it did. They affected my mood and the photos reminded me that I could look so much better - and younger!


It surprises me how blue is not an easy colour for me, except French blue with mustard, which is gorgeous and I tend to gravitate to coral, pink, brown, reddish browns, warm orange and yellow! I love green and purple too.


Many thanks Angi."

-PK, London


If you would like to arrange a Colour & Style Consultation, for yourself or as a gift, please contact me:
       + 44 7850 929256


Hello there, thank you for finding me and my website!

I am one of Colour Me Beautiful's top consultants giving  advice and guidance on style, colour and make-up to individuals and corporate groups.


An initial colour consultation makes all clients immediately look younger, happier (I promise you'll smile more!) and healthier and is guaranteed to save them money.  My easy to reach studios are in Highgate (on the Northern line) and by special arrangement in Central London or a visit to your office or home can be arranged.


Let me help you gain confidence in knowing how to wear colour, learn about your individual style personality, simplify wardrobe management (make packing for a trip easy) and learn to shop within a budget, with some personal shopping.  Any of the consultations can be taken at the same time or together.  Why not treat yourself to a Total Full Image - a day of colour, style and then personal shopping?


I am a former model and I'm featured  in 'Colour Me Younger' and the new 'Make-up Manual' (you may just recognise me!) and delighted to be working with Colour Me Beautiful, the world's leading image consultants.


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My Colour Me Beautiful Shop has launched

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